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Get Support

We, the Photon Team (sometimes referred to as Photonians :), are dedicated to help you. If you've got questions or your app doesn't work but you really wish it would, try any of these:

  • Take a look at our forum to see if the matter has not been posted there before. Use the search feature and avoid duplicates. If nothing came up you could ask a new question or start a new discussion.
  • If you did not get help on the forum within 2 workdays or if the issue requires exchanging private information about your project, send us an email.

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Get Support Faster

For quick turnarounds please include:

  • a short description of the issue in English: "expected behaviour" vs. "actual behaviour". How frequent is the issue? Does it happen for everyone and all platforms? In specific situations? What happens?
  • can you reproduce this with one of our demos (modified or not)? Include repro steps or minimal repro project. For Unity, make use of the export package feature.
  • details about the client environment used:

    • Send us the Client SDK version. This is part of the SDK zip file name.

    • The platform details could be useful (device model and OS). e.g. iPhone X/iOS 10, Pixel 2/Android 8.0.

    • For Unity builds, let us know which runtime you use (3.5 or 4.x) and if you compile via IL2CPP or Mono.
  • details about the server environment used:

    • Hosting a Server? Let us know the Server SDK version. This is part of the SDK zip file name.
    • Add your logs.
    • The server machine details could be useful (OS, specifications).
  • details about the network environment when needed:

    • Send us the protocol used:
      • IPv4 or IPv6 (or DNS64/NAT64).
      • UDP or TCP or WSS, etc.
    • Modem, router or other network equipments used in the affected network (gateway or between client and server).
    • Via email only: We may request that you provide:
      • Public IP address of affected client(s) / server(s).
      • Results of ping or tracert/traceroute.
  • add screenshots or a short video if the problem is something visual.

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